Question & Answer

Question and Answer

After I registered online on this website, what should i do next?

After you submit the registration form on this website, Edulab will immediately contact you at the contact listed on the form, so make sure the contact provided is always active!

What kind of Educator is there in Edulab?

In Edulab the Educators are all young and friendly so you don't have to feel awkward, you can even make them as a confide friends as well!

If I am confused about what major I want to take, can Edulab help me decide?

Aside from the Talents Mapping program we have, you can first watch Edulab Indonesia YouTube channel. There you can find info, issues and facts regarding the majors you might want to take.

When I study at home it is often difficult to answer questions by myself, can I consult it with Edulab?

You can download Edit App (search Edit Edulab) on the Android Play Store or iOS App Store, there you can consult about anything you want!

Where's the Edulab Center location?

Edulab is now centered in the city of Bandung, precisely on Jalan Kalimantan No. 7

Where should I contact for further questions?

Please contact us at the Edulab Indonesia Official Line Account for other questions that requires quick response.

What are the conditions for becoming an Educator in Edulab?

Edulab opens opportunities for those of you who have a passion in education world. Opportunities are open as long as you have expertise in teaching and mastering the subjects that are applied. The age limit for Educator applicants is 30 years old maximum.

What are the benefits of being an Educator in Edulab?

The benefits that will be obtained when you join Edulab, you will get self-development training in terms of teaching, mastering class, soft skills communication and stabilization of material.

Is there an OJT or probation period?

Yes, Edulab had an OJT or probation period for the first 3 months.

What about the salary earned?

Salary offered by Edulab is quite competitive compared to the same line of business.

Will I get benefits?

The benefits offered by Edulab include marketing incentives, health insurance, residence allowances and regional allowances (for placements outside the recruitment area)

What about the work atmosphere in Edulab?

Edulab carries the homey theme for its students so that the work atmosphere that feels for its employees is comfortable as a family but still professional.