About Edulab

Vision & Mission


Become the largest education consultant in Indonesia that provides personal services to achieve the future of quality education.

About Edulab

In the midst of the rapid education development with the many educational and scientific methodologies that continue to evolve, Edulab presented an innovation that will answer the needs of future society. Therefore, we continue to lead the innovation of providing educational services to the community not only to students but also parents and schools.

Edulab engaged as an education consultant that not only sees the student’s potential uniformly, but also individually to provide personal services so each student can achieve their maximum potential. Edulab interpreted education by introducing the main concepts on profound learning, so that education became an addictive, interesting, and exciting thing. The method adopted is also more flexible and varied, avoiding the stiff impression that has been presented all along in formal education.

Philosophy Building


Understanding is the main and most important thing in the child's learning process


Without a habitual and ongoing repetition process, the learning process is not optimal.


Aware of being smart is not enough, mentality and character must be formed to strengthen the ideals.

Service Values

  • Engaging

    Client Intimacy

  • Dynamic Learning

    Innovation of Learning and Teaching Process

  • Ultimate

    Qualified Educator, Subject Mastery and Deep Thinking

  • Comfortable

    Homy and Friendly

  • Assisting

    Compassionate Through Personal Service in Academic and Psychological Approach

  • Talents Exploring

    Accelerate Talents of all Edulabers

  • Enlightening

    Informing, Motivation and Consulting